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Creek View Elementary School

 Mountain View School District

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    Thanksgiving Break  November 19th - 23rd, 2018
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    Discovery Center

    The Discovery Center/Explorer Program focuses on building literacy skills to further support academic success.  This program provides an opportunity for children to reinforce and build on their current literacy skills using an engaging, hands-on approach.

    Honor Roll School

    Grades 1 - 5

    8:00am - 2:30pm 

    All Wednesdays 1:30pm


    8:00am - 11:20am

    Transitional Kinder




    Creek View School

    About Us

    Creek View Elementary School has a tradition of high expectations for academic achievement and character. The Creek View learning community has achieved our success through the support of staff, students and parents. Our staff meets regularly to ensure our educational program is aligned with state content standards and provides students with both intervention and enrichment activities.

    We have made a commitment to provide the best educational program possible for our students. The excellent quality of our program is a reflection of our highly committed staff. We are dedicated to ensuring Creek View Elementary School is a welcoming, stimulating environment where students are actively involved in learning academics as well as positive values. Through our hard work together, our students will be challenged to reach their maximum potential.