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Kindergarten / Pre-K


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a resource for Pre-K and Kindergarten students


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Grades K-8


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Fact Monster

Grades K-8


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Book Adventure


Websites for Kids


A+ Math
    This website helps students improve their math skills interactively with flash cards games, worksheets, and homework helper.

AAA Math
    It features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons.  Unlimited practice is available on each topic, which allows thorough mastery of concepts.  A wide range of lessons (K-8) enables learning or review to occur at each individual's current level.   Immediate feedback prevents practicing and learning incorrect methods.

Cool Math 4 Kids
    Graded lessons for each computational skill are available for practice.  Steps are well explained.  Each child can solve problems on a particular concept.  It gives individual's score too.  It has lots of games and flash cards for learning.

    This website is primarily designed to help K-2 children read.  It strengthens basic phonic and reading skills.  Words are highlighted and sounded out aloud individually.  There are ample reading books available from different genres.

    All math concepts (K-8) are dealt.  One can create own problem and see how it can be worked, step by step.

Computer Lab 4 Kids
    Provides addition, subtraction and multiplication practice.  Activities are for K-5 grade skills.  State standards for grades are available to view.  Tons of fun games are available on this site.

More Fun Websites


A website with fun math games




A fun way to learn how to type!!